A New Direction

Hello, Dandies!

There are a couple things I want to tell you about for the coming year! Things will generally be the same as far as what I offer and it’s quality, but I have been practicing at a few things I want to ty out. The first will be a Brand Rep! I would love it if someone could take amazing pictures with my products and use them to help me promote! I know that it works for some and not as much for others, but I want to give it a try myself and see what comes of it! Be sure to follow me on Instagram because that’s likely where I’ll make the announcement first to find some candidates!

Next is the new visial direction that I want to go with my Instagram and website features. Instagram works on a 9-grid aesthetic and I’d love to take better advantage of that. It will help me work on my consistency, photography, and community involvement! I want to have days of the week where I feature my lovely customers as well! Please, send me your pictures and reviews as often as you can for chances to be featured! It will help me more than you know and I’m excited to see what sort of things I get.

I also want to do less customs and more sets and collections. While I do LOVE doing custom and one off bows, I was thinking that I should be making something that I can repeat a little easier and doesn’t cost more to make than what I sell it for. I promise I’ll use past and future feedback to make collections of things that you want to see. More updates on releases to come soon.

Let me know if there are other things you want to see happen with Dragon Dandy this year!

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